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  1. Update 1.5.3 out now

    A customer pointed out an issue with Denied and iTunes when playing songs from Apple Music playlists. If you skipped back a track in the Mini Player, the artwork would disappear.

    This update resolves the issue and improves how Denied works together with Apple Music. Read on to learn what I changed in this latest release.

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  2. Improved disliked song skipping

    Apple's just approved the latest update for Denied. Version 1.5.2 fixes a bug that prevented Denied from retrieving the 'disliked' state of a track when it did not have artwork.

    You can get the update on the Mac App Store. 🚀

    Instead of just pushing the update and forgetting the bug ever existed, I thought it would be interesting to tell you what exactly went wrong and how I resolved the issue.

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  3. Introducing Dark Mode and skipping disliked songs (in iTunes)

    Apple has released the latest version of macOS to the public. The prominent new feature Mojave introduces is a new graphical theme, that Apple has dubbed Dark Mode. It's a gorgeous, rough, yet elegant way to present the operating system you're familiar with. Apps that customize their interface to take full advantage of Dark Mode look right at home and feel great to use.

    I'm very proud to say that Denied supports Dark Mode from day one.

    Dark Mode

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  4. Shipped an update!

    Denied has been my favorite project since it first came out in 2014. Still, it took a while for this update to arrive. The main reason for the gap in releases is that Denied has been working really, really well for me (and quite a few of you!). It's been stable (more on that in a bit) and feature-wise it was hard to work on anything new without overhauling the app. I'm commited to change that, though! (The part about not wanting to overhaul the app, obviously. Keeping it stable would be nice.)

    Maybe you've heard of Apple's latest iteration of macOS called Mojave, due for release this fall. Besides a lot of behind-the-scenes upgrades, it comes with a brand new Dark Mode. I'm stoked about making Denied look awesome with it enabled.

    Keynote in macOS Mojave's Dark Mode

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  5. Got a new domain name

    Google recently announced it would start selling .app domain names. Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to register

    I like it so much that I've changed it to be the default. So, if you tell your friends to check out Denied, you can just direct them to Denied dot app. 👌

  6. Import and export rules

    I've always wanted for Denied to become a way to share your distate for certain bands, artists, songs and musical genres.

    Last week I released Denied v1.4.0 which adds the option to export your existing rules and import those in any other copy of Denied. With this being the Holiday season, it might be the perfect time to compile your list of worst Christmas songs and share them with your friends and family.

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  7. Play music from Spotify straight to Sonos

    I talked about this in the lat post, but the feature has finally been rolled out to all users: you can stream to Sonos directly from the Spotify app!

    This is huge for every Sonos owner out there and opens the door for wirelessly streaming songs while still being able to skip songs that you dislike using Denied.

  8. Sonos, Spotify and Denied

    Sonos came out with some interesting news today: they've partnered with Spotify to enable control over Sonos speakers directly from Spotify's mobile and desktop apps.

    For Denied, this is great news as the official Sonos app is not supported and horrendous songs can reign freely over anyone using a Sonos setup. This future updates should put and end to that.

    It's not entirely clear when you can expect this option to land in Spotify's apps, only that it will be in beta this October.

    Source: The Next Web

  9. Denied version 1.3.0 came out today

    An update was long overdue and the Spotify album art issue was really getting on my nerves. So, here it is: Denied version 1.3.0!

    • Denied displays Spotify album art again!
    • Instead of just using the slider, you can now enter the amount of days Denied should remember Repeating Songs.
    • Updated the update framework.
    • Brought the rest of the project into 2016 ;).
    • Bugs were fixed, performance was tweaked.

    The update is live on the Mac App Store.

  10. Denied featured on

    I'm super proud to say that Denied is featured on Spotify's Developer Showcast. Which means there's this cool page that lists a few apps that use Spotify's developer interface and DENIED IS ON IT!

    Denied on Spotify's Developer Showcase

    The developer showcast highlights apps that use one or more of Spotify's methods to control the desktop app or retrieve information from their immense song database. Denied uses AppleScript to control the OS X desktop app and uses the database to check for songs that contain explicit lyrics.

    Denied on Spotify's Developer Showcase Detail Page

  11. Spotify's completely fixed! (Almost)

    Spotify version 1.0.3 is being rolled out and AppleScript seems to be working as it should again! Well, almost. Everything works, except the album artwork. So while Denied will once again save your ears from the scum music of the earth, you can't see what the album cover looks like.

    Spotify no artwork

    While the black hole of despair is actually looking quite fitting in Denied, I've contacted Spotify once more to go in and fix the AppleScript stuff for good this time.

  12. Fixing Spotify

    Spotify released a pretty major update a little while ago. While they introduced all kinds of interesting new features, they also broke some old ones, like support for remote controlling the desktop client using 'AppleScript'.

    Denied uses AppleScript to retrieve information from Spotify and tell it to skip to the next song. Needless to say without AppleScript Denied is pretty bad at saving your ears in Spotify. Note that Rdio and iTunes are unaffected by the way.

    Luckily the bug is pretty simple to solve and Spotify has said they're planning to release a definitive fix pretty soon. Until then, you can use this little patch I wrote that will re-enable AppleScript with the click of a button. Super simple.

    Spotify AppleScript Patch

    So, if you're experiencing any trouble using Denied with Spotify, download the patch and start saving your ears from crappy music again!

  13. My favorite tracks

    Instead of focusing on songs I detest, let's talk about some that I love; totally compensating for all the negativity on this site.

    I've made my starred playlist public so you can browse through tracks I've saved. I also religiously 'scrobble plays' to my profile. Do you guys still do that? If not, I highly recommend it. Browsing through the 90.000+ tracks I've listened to over the years feels like an incredible trip down memory lane. Plus it allows me to compare my musical taste to Japie.

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  14. Making it move

    I've added some animations to the latest build of Denied.

    Animations in the latest build of Denied

  15. Rammstein on Spotify

    Some bands you hope to never hear again and some bands you'd love to listen to, but then they aren't available on your favorite streaming platform.

    Starting today Rammstein's no longer part of that last group; Spotify has added six absolutely fabulous Rammstein albums to its collection.

    I am pretty stoked about this.

    Rammstein on Spotify

    Source: Spotify

  16. A new Nickelback album

    I almost forgot to write about this, but Nickelback came out with a new album this month!

    The latest release from our Canadian rock friends is called "No Fixed Address" and while there's no doubt you're still listening to Nickelback, some of the eleven tracks actually sound a bit different.

    After sitting through the entire album, I found "Miss You" the most cringeworthy song and "Get 'M Up" quite enjoyable. The rap by Flo Rida on "Got Me Runnin' Around" was the biggest surprise of the experience.

    Verdict: "No Fixed Address" probably won't make you a Nickelback fan if you weren't already and I'm not removing my Nickelback-rule in Denied just yet.

    Nickelback - No Fixed Address

  17. Taylor Swift & Spotify

    Taylor Swift pulled all her songs from Spotify the other day. The reason being that she feels music streaming services are still a big experiment and her music deserves a platform that values her work more.

    Although I personally don't mind Taylor Swift pulling her songs, Spotify itself does. They've written a lengthy reply and shared a few pretty cool statistics.

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  18. A few things I'm working on

    A new update for Denied is in the works and I'd like to share a few of the features I'm about to add. Read the full article to see what's coming in the near future.

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  19. Spotify Family

    I know quite a few people who share a single premium Spotify account with their partner/kids/dogs/cats so they don't have to spend the $10/€10 a month extra per account. The drawback is that only one user/pet can use the account at the time; so if you're blasting Queen and Azrael wants to listen to some Snoop Lion, you're out of luck and will get cut off.

    Spotify has come up with a solution for this, called Family, and it's pretty great.

    Instead of paying the full price for each user, Family comes with a discount for each extra user you connect. This means that instead of having to cough up $50 for five users, you'll be charged only $35,99.

    • Spotify Family 2: $17.99
    • Spotify Family 3: $23.99
    • Spotify Family 4: $29.99
    • Spotify Family 5: $35.99

    The even better part is that each user will have their own account, with their own preferences and favorites. A wonderful reason to stop the game of musical chairs and get everyone an account of their own.

  20. Denied is on sale and now supports Rdio & iTunes

    Denied's first update is now available. In addition to Spotify, you can now automatically skip tracks in Rdio and iTunes as well! It also features an improved add-rule-flow that lets you create new rules much faster.

    Get the update from the Mac App Store.

    If you couldn't decide whether to get the full version of Denied, I've just made that decision a lot easier:

    Denied is on sale for a limited time for just $2.99, down from $6.99!

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  21. Denied on Wayne's World?

    Simon Blake on Product Hunt showed me this bit from Wayne's World that didn't actually inspire the name 'Denied', but totally could have:

  22. Denied is out now!

    Version 1.0.0 is now available via the Mac App Store!

    Starting today, bands you can't stand will no longer annoy you while listening to Spotify. With Denied you can:

    • Skip songs by artist, title or album.
    • Specify match criteria: starts with, ends with, contains or equals to.
    • Optionally show notifications when a song is skipped.
    • Keep track of how often a rule is used.
    • Quickly suppress rules or temporarily stop skipping entirely.

    If you're a member of the press, have a look at the Press Kit and official Press Release.

    Denied Rules Overview

  23. Press Release: Danger Cove today released Denied for Mac

    The Hague, The Netherlands — September 18th 2014 — Danger Cove today released Denied for Mac®. Denied sees what's playing in the Spotify® desktop app and automatically skips any song that matches customizable rules.

    Tracks can be skipped by their artist, title or album, allowing one to enjoy Top 40 playlists, the Christmas season and Spotify® Radio without being confronted with undesirable music.

    The flexible rules can also be used to skip over certain types of tracks, such as skits or bonus content on albums. Setting up rules creatively can really improve preprogrammed listening experiences like Spotify® Radio, albums and public playlists.

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